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How The Post-Pandemic Real Estate Investor Can Now Leverage Remote Work and a Recession

In a recent conversation with a real estate investor friend, we discussed that remote work has caused some office buildings spaces to become empty, resulting in defaults and foreclosures. Some office space currently sells at 20 cents on the dollar. Is this a buying opportunity, or is the remote shift [more]

2 Powerful Ways to Advertise Real Estate Offerings and Raise More Capital

Real estate sponsors often advertise real estate offerings to the public to obtain new investors. Yet, 87% of the people seeing their ads cannot legally invest because they need to be accredited. The Problem: Advertising to Everyone Yet Only 13% Can Invest An accredited investor must meet specific financial qualifications, [more]

The Advantages of Real Estate Investing as a Limited Partner (LP) – Now Open to ALL Retail Investors

Like all real estate investing, wealth has traditionally been the prerequisite to becoming a limited partner (LP) in cash flowing real estate deals for two main reasons. First, buying real estate is very expensive; second, partnerships in real estate deals involved the sale of securities and were until recently, for [more]

IRR and Equity Multiple: Cons in Common, and How to Not Use Real Estate Investment Metrics

One seeming benefit of any real estate investment metrics that sums up the potential returns of an investment opportunity is that it pretends to allow investors to compare potential returns across different investment opportunities using a standard measure. One massive drawback is that one metric only tells part of the [more]

By |January 10, 2023|Real Estate Metrics|0 Comments

Know the Differences: IRR vs. Equity Multiple for Real Estate Investment Evaluation

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and equity multiple are both metrics that real estate investors use to evaluate investment opportunities. Recently someone told me that they do not look at the IRR as a method for assessing their investment opportunities but instead use equity multiple. While there are some similarities [more]

By |January 9, 2023|Real Estate Metrics|0 Comments

Equity Multiple to Evaluate a Real Estate Investment Opportunity

There are numerous metrics used to evaluate the quality and attractiveness of a real estate investment opportunity - equity multiple, IRR, cash-on-cash, cap rate among others. Each one tells a different part of the story, and no one metric offers a comprehensive picture. In addition, the investor's goals also play [more]