Invown’s FRED (First Real Estate Deal) Mentors

We are privileged and excited to have an extremely high caliber of mentors join our FRED mentoring program. All of our mentors have done multiple deals and have multimillion-dollar real estate portfolios that they have built. They also all believe in the power of mentoring and have been the beneficiaries of mentoring themselves. They are excited about paying it forward by mentoring you as you buy your first real estate deal. See below for the profiles of mentors participating in Invown’s FRED Mentoring program.

Damon Amato
Damon AmatoMentor
Damon is Co-Founder, Downeast Residential and has 11 years’ experience as a real estate developer and investor. He understands what is needed to succeed in the real estate market and is able to quickly and efficiently assess any proposal, as well as liaises with clients in order to provide an enjoyable experience building houses. With a vast knowledge of various intricacies of what can make a house a home, Damon enjoys giving clients a life-changing experience.
Robert Webb
Robert Webb Mentor
Robert Webb is a New Jersey native and has been in the real estate industry for 10 years. He started in Sales before building his own Sales Team and eventually purchasing a mortgage brokerage. He has a passion for real estate investing and loves studying the industry and finding deals. He has built a portfolio in 5 years that pays for 50% of his lifestyle through rental income.
Aurelien Bonin
Aurelien BoninMentor
Aurélien started investing in real estate 10 years ago. Today he operates close to 100 units. From small multifamily to mobile home parks and retail in Canada and in the US. He now focuses on commercial, more precisely industrial and retail.
Brian Dickerson
Brian DickersonMentor
A resident of South Florida, Brian has been investing in real estate since early 2018. Starting with a couple of rental properties which provided more lessons than income, he quickly found that he wanted to have an edge when investing and turned to direct to seller marketing. Since the first two deals, he has completed numerous flips, BRRRR, and most recently built up an $8m portfolio of cash flowing short term rentals. In his free time, Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, traveling, and scuba diving.
Jordan Addison
Jordan AddisonMentor
Jordan is husband, father of five, contractor and real estate investor from a small town in West Texas. In 2017, he began purchasing single family rentals and using his construction background to increase property values with property renovations. Over the next five years, his portfolio has grown to 25 single family rentals and he’s currently transitioning to small multi-family and commercial development projects.