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This website is operated by Invown Corp (“Invown”), which is not a registered broker-dealer or funding portal. Unless indicated otherwise, all securities-related activity on this site is conducted by Invown Funding Portal, LLC (“Invown Funding Portal”), an affiliate of Invown and an SEC-registered funding portal and member of FINRA, located [more]

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Issuer Onboarding

We are delighted that you are considering Invown to raise capital for your real estate deal or project. This post takes you through the steps to list your deal on Invown. Invown is a registered Funding Portal regulated by FINRA, and we abide by all security regulations. Here are the [more]

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Crowdfunding for Real Estate

Real estate sponsors and owners looking to raise equity financing for their real estate deals have several options. Generally, they set up a Limited Liability Company and sell membership units to investors to raise capital for the real estate they would like to buy. In essence, they are selling securities [more]

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